GOD has only ONE dream:

HE wants to fill the earth with HIS glory (HIS view, judgement and opinion).

GOD has only ONE plan to achieve this dream:

HE has chosen mankind to be ‘IN CHRIST’ (the second Adam specie*).

GOD has only ONE strategy of enforcing this PLAN to achieve HIS dream:

The gospel of the GLORY of Christ (the second Adam specie*), who is the image of GOD, the Sons of Glory.

Psalms 24:1 (NKJV)

A Psalm of David. The earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness, The world and those who dwell therein.

GOD is not mysterious, but understandable; HIS ways are not a secret but were hidden until the right time.

GOD’s ways are not random; HE works with straightforward mathematics.

In Genesis, GOD started off with Adam and Eve, who were supposed to multiply whilst in the image of GOD. But they lost that image of GOD. Since that day, everything GOD did was done with the express purpose of implementing a recovery plan to return mankind to that which Adam and Eve lost – GOD and HIS creation in harmony, on earth (not in Heaven). This is GOD’s only desire.


Jesus Christ was part of that recovery plan. Whatever Jesus Christ did (as he only did what the FATHER told him to do) would further this recovery plan – to restore the earth to its original state, and mankind to GOD’s image. GOD would not give Jesus Christ or any of his prophets, servants or Sons any other instruction than to play their part in restoring the earth to its intended purpose, and mankind to HIS image. This is what GOD is busy with.


This is the mathematics of GOD.

Jesus Christ’s purpose is NOT to take you to heaven; it is mathematically incorrect! It does not add up (mathematically speaking) because that would mean that GOD abandoned HIS original plan with the earth and essentially abandoned the earth, which is unscriptural.

GOD’s equations always point to the same answer – HIS Kingdom on earth, as in Heaven; restoring the fallen state to a restored Kingdom state. We find ourselves in the fallen earth (old) and we, as Sons of GOD, are restoring the old to the new.

We now realise that the cross was only necessary because Adam and Eve fell. Jesus Christ’s work on the cross was not part of the original ‘playbook’, so to speak, it was only put in place afterwards to recover that which Adam lost or, as the word of GOD puts it:

2 Corinthians 5:18

Now all things are of God, who has reconciled us to Himself through Jesus Christ, and has given us the ministry of reconciliation.


If Adam and Eve did not fall then reconciliation would not have been necessary!

Are you starting to see the simple mathematics that GOD put in place for us to understand what HE is busy with?

The earth is a “work in progress” from a fallen state to a Heavenly state (the earth must reflect Heaven), that which Adam and Eve experienced in the beginning. The workers of this project are the Sons of GOD, those who only do what they see the FATHER do because that is the ONLY thing GOD is busy with.

When we look at the works of Jesus Christ, we are in fact looking at the works of GOD. Therefore, at that point in time when Jesus was being crucified, GOD was paying the price together with HIS Lamb, to reconcile mankind to HIMSELF through Jesus Christ. So, Jesus Christ fulfilled his mandate as a worker on the “project” two thousand years ago. He did what GOD asked him to do, reflecting what GOD was doing. The other workers NOW need to continue from where Jesus left the “site” (earth – a work in progress) so to speak because only a Son can reflect what GOD is busy with and the project needs to be finished.

It is very important to understand this equation, for you will need this CALCULATION when you continue to the Doctrines.

The Doctrines are the MATHEMATICAL PROOF of this statement.

This means that every single doctrine or principle that GOD revealed to us, is a mathematical sum that gives an answer. Each answer forms part of a greater equation.

And this greater equation only gives one answer: GOD IS FILLING THE EARTH WITH HIS GLORY (Num 14:21).

You will soon realise that although random Christian principles may sound justifiable standing alone (the trinity doctrine, for instance, or the belief that the plan of GOD is to take us to Heaven) they do not work together to give the answer of: GOD IS FILLING THE EARTH WITH HIS GLORY.


* The newly coined word ‘specie’ (derived from ‘species’) is used to emphasise the fact that there can be only ONE kind or sort (no variation).